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What is Voice Broadcasting and Outbound IVR?

Outbound IVR technology is a vehicle for delivering automated, telephony based communications. Similarly, Voice Broadcasting broadcasts telephone messages from anywhere to a handful to hundreds of thousands of call recipients at once. Voice broadcasting and Outbound IVR technology can be applied to both commercial, and community applications; reaching multiple end users, such as members, subscribers, constituents, employees, or customers almost immediately. In simple terms, Outbound IVR technology and Voice Broadcasting allow you to get your message out to your entire audience in a matter of minutes.

With Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting, your message is personalized to meet your exact needs, can be event triggered and can quickly be modified, so when an event occurs, you can react quickly to your consumers’ needs. The following are just a few examples of how Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting can deliver important information to your existing customers:

Emergency Notification Services

Emergency notifications involving informing citizens of potential road construction, weather alerts, crime tip hotlines, missing child alerts, University emergency notifications, school closings, or general messages from community leaders allows facilities and municipal service departments to alert everyone in a simple Voice Broadcast, reaching hundreds of citizens in minutes. This application use of Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting could potentially save lives and limit harm to affected areas.


Utility companies, the hospitality industry, financial institutions, and healthcare industries alike can all benefit from Outbound IVR and Voice Broadcasting. From past-due reminders, to appointment reminders, or even wake-up calls, these organizations can cost-effectively deliver their message to their consumers.

Subscriber Based Marketing
Retailers and other organizations looking to maximize customer retention and loyalty can provide customer opt-in services informing consumers of loyalty discounts, promotions, sales, product updates, and more.